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XML Conversion nowadays is one of the significant outsourcing requirements. The process of XML is nothing but a cross-plat

form, web publishing format required for collecting and demonstrating information from the internet. XML Conversion is widely acceptable due to its flexibility, versatility, scalability and importance. The most demanding task today is to transform a web publishing format into XML.

Our expertise

We are one of the leading firms where you can outsource xml conversion at affordable rates. Making the best use of double keying methodology, popularly called OCR with character-to character checking, we provide high quality XML services.  
Our team of experienced professionals is able to provide you with a wide array of customized solutions. Since we use the latest, improved technology, it is very natural we provide you with top quality service. At (site), we provide you with quality service with the help of highly advanced software.


Check out below what we offer our customers

We offer a range of XML Conversion services. Take a look to the comprehensive list given below:

  • a) TEXT to XML
  • b) PDF to XML
  • c) HTML to XML
  • d) Word to XML
  • e) Excel to XML


Our Quality Assurance

Here, we offer high quality of service which matches international standards. After the initial process of XML conversion is over, we send it to the quality Assurance team so that they can check if there is any mismatch or inaccuracy in the data. If found, they are corrected right away.

How you can place an order with us

1. Send the details of your XML conversion requirement. It will be better if you send     any sample along with your data.
2. Considering this we tell you about the estimated rates and charges.
3. Then we adopt a free test run for the provided sample.
4. According to your approval, we sign a service level agreement for the project.
5. After the contract is signed the team is prepared for the project and proper     training is provided them so that they can handle the job skillfully.
6. Now we begin the work. We take special care to retain a good quality and     standard. After its completion, audit is conducted. We keep our customers     periodically updated regarding the progress of the project.
7. After the completion of project and evaluating the quality, we dispatch the final     report and request for feedback.
8. We invoice you only after getting satisfactory feedback. 

So what are you waiting for? Get back to us and place your order immediately.



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