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Survey Processing

  Survey processing nowadays is gaining soaring popularity in all industrial sectors. Actually, surveys are considered as the cost-effective way to help the data needs of any organization; essentially these surveys are conducted due to:

  • 1. Investigating the market standards and the needs
  • 2. Assessing employee productivity
  • 3. Measuring organizational performance
  • 4. Surveying the feedback of a customer about a company’s feedback.


If you are looking for affordable survey processing services delivered within the stipulated deadline then consider us as your outsourcing partner.


Our expertise

Although you can access the online tools to conduct surveys, they have certain limitations. To get an error free service you must get in touch with specialized service providers like us. We have a team of experienced professionals who has in-depth insight into the strategic needs of the market, organization and the customer.


What we offer

We employ a strict methodical process while doing the survey processing services for you.

1. Survey structure

We lay out a well-structured plan to conduct the market survey considering the trends and needs and customer’s demand.

2. Survey design

After the plan is laid out, we prepare questionnaires, forms and other methods of tracing data. We try to reach the target audience by this process.

3. Gathering information

We carry outs online surveys, and analyze customer reviews about a particular product.

4. Survey scanning

Our proficiency in Optical Character recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), enable us to convert data captured in various formats. We make use of the right tools, and capture and convert data accordingly.

5. Survey data entry

After the above-mentioned processes, the captured data is entered into excel spreadsheets or your company’s databases. It will help in better analysis and data extraction.

6. Survey data analysis and reporting

After the survey is over, we conduct statistical tests like correlation tests, cross table analysis, etc. In other cases, we query databases to mine data. This information is then presented in graphical and tabular forms.

Quality Assurance Team

Here, we have employed a quality control team dedicated to performing quality analysis tests only. We want to provide our customers a high quality of service with the retention of 100% accuracy. After the survey is over, our quality analysts check the survey reports for double verification to figure out if anything in the report is missing or if it contains any errors. It some mismatch is noticed it is addressed right away.


Process of Our Work

1. First of all, you have to send us your requirements
2. After going through your requirements we can give you a quote
3. If our quote suits you, we provide you a free sample
4. After receiving your approval, we begin the project.

So, do not waste time if you have survey processing requirements. Get in touch with us right now!                                



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