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SGML Conversion

Standard Generalized Markup Language or SGML is used generously in many organizations ever since the origin of the Language. Easy usage of the language has contributed to the popularity of it. The understanding of the language is also very easy. Most of the large organizations are increasingly using this language for its simple features, making SGML conversion more popular among them. The language is used to deliver, manage and store facts and information about particular services and products.

Our company is an organization that caters to the need of some of the biggest firms that are hugely dependent on various types of data. Online Information providers, big corporate firms and government agencies form a part of our clientele. Our field of specialization is management, and the implementation of large and complicated SGML Conversion projects to help these organizations with their SGML conversion requirements.


SGML Conversion Services we offer:

  • 1. Text to SGML
  • 2. SGML to HTML for Internet Publishing and Web Publishing
  • 3. Technical Documents and Manuscripts
  • 4. Scientific books and journals including Equations, Graphics and Tables
  • 5. SGML to Storage Media Publishing
  • 6. Quark to XML/HTML
  • 7. Dictionaries, Encyclopedias
  • 8. SGML to CD-ROM publishing
  • 9. SGML to Pagination and Conversions



There are various steps and processes required to build an SGML document system. SGML conversion is performed according to our client specific needs.
The steps involved in performing the task are:


  • 1. At first, data needs to be analyzed and based on that a Document Type Definition    (DTD)/Schema is developed.
  • 2. Secondly, Specification regarding SGML conversion to be developed and written.
  • 3. Thirdly, for SGML Processing, Software to be implemented
  • 4. Finally, QC Audits, Proofing and Validation need to be done for accuracy check.

Why choose us?

Customized Solutions: With Our Company, you can get access to customized solutions that are performed according to various customers needs.

Trained Personnel: In Our Company, you will get access to the expertise of trained professionals who will help you to get your job done within a tight deadline.

Highest Technology: Our Company works with the latest technologies and proven methodologies. To ensure the integrity of data and to make sure that no data is lost in the process of conversion single workflow process is used to input data and deliver multiple output forms with the technology.

Assurance of Quality: Our Company guarantees the best possible service in the sector. Strict quality control procedure is followed in order to guarantee perfection. Software tools are also maintained properly in order to provide assured quality.

Direct Access to Superior Project Management: Dedicated Project leads ensure the deadlines for projects. Clients have direct access to the project management team to know the status of their project.

Moreover, outsourcing to Our Company will cut your cost by 50-60%. If you are looking for the best in business, your search ends with Our Company.





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