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Online Data Entry

Online data entry refers to the act of inputting data into a computerized database, such as a spreadsheet. Online data entry saves time and energy, and at the same time, allows you to manage a huge volume of data without losing its accuracy.

If you are looking for error-free online data entry services from a professional service provider then allow us the privilege of offering you our high quality online data entry solutions. Maintaining the record of your data in an electronic format has become so popular nowadays that businesses are looking for specialized services providers to fulfill their data entry needs.

Our expertise

We are a premier service provider specialized in providing online data entry services. Doing your on-line data entry jobs in-house can cost you a lot of money, while outsourcing it to specialized service providers can be much cheaper and faster. Supported by a team of highly talented veteran professionals and experienced quality controllers, we are able to offer you online data entry services that match the highest standard in terms of quality and efficiency.

Apart from the intellectual capital, online data entry service requires advanced technical equipments like multi sensor data processors, fast scanners, etc. Outsourcing your online data entry jobs to us will allow you to get the job done within the stipulated deadline, and what is more exciting is that you will save a lot of money with our services!

Services we offer

Below is given a detailed list of all kinds of online data entry services we offer:

  • 1. Online data entry of catalogs
  • 2. Online Data Entry and compilation from web site
  • 3. Online data entry of databases
  • 4. Online form processing and submission
  • 5. Online Data Entry and compilation from web site
  • 6. Online data entry from hardcopy or the printed data.
  • 7. Online data entry into software program and application.
  • 8. Online copying, pasting, editing, sorting, and indexing data into any format.
  • 9. Online data entry for mailing list
  • 10. Typing Manuscript into MS Word

Process we follow

  • To leverage our services you have to send your requirements through fax or email
  • Comprehending your requirements, we will get in touch with you and will provide you a sample.
  • If you like the sample, we will carry forward the work you have given us
  • After the project is done, we will hands it over to you and ask for a review.


Quality Control and Security measures

Maintaining high quality is our key focus. After the data entry is over, our quality analysts take up the responsibility of double verification of the project. If any mismatch is detected, we rectify it right away. This quality checking process helps in maintaining the utmost accuracy and quality.

Preserving a high level of security is our key focus. Our online data entry jobs are done by a group of professionals who conform to all our security standards. We take all the necessary steps to retain the security of your data.

For any solutions and guidance to your online data entry services, you can reach us directly by sending us an email or by calling us.







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