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Offline Data Entry

To make front-end services work properly, an efficient back end service is a necessity. Offline data entry is a common practice among many global organizations in recent years. In many cases, large business organizations outsource the service to reduce some workload to concentrate more on other important business activities.
We try to understand the purpose of your data and what are the criteria it should meet. It is not an easy job to understand and interpret a huge amount of data. A careful organization, presentation and collection of data is required. Speed, accuracy and the ease of understanding are the key factors that make our offline data entry service different from the other service providers.
The wide range of offline data entry services that we offer:

  • 1. Excel sheet filling and MS Word document data entry
  • 2. Offline entry of data from one version/format to another
  • 3. Offline entry of insurance claims
  • 4. URL list collection
  • 5. Data entry into database programs
  • 6. E-books entry, business cards entry, catalog and labels entry
  • 7. Offline form filling
  • 8. Offline data entry from mailing lists, websites and image files
  • 9. Offline data capture
  • 10. Offline form processing
  • 11. Offline data collection

If you require any service that is not included in our list of services then feel free to let us know, as our company is always willing to go beyond their limits to satisfy a client’s needs.


Why are we different?

‘End-user end-purpose’ approach is the most important feature of our company that makes us stand apart from all the several other offline data entry service providers.
Our offline data entry service is client oriented. We try to make sure that all the client specifications are met in time. Our personalized approach and experienced teams will make the difference from the other companies.

The Benefits of working with us

  • 1. Our clients can get almost 70% benefits if they outsource their offline data entry    requirements to our company. They can also take the advantages of our efficient    working processes.
  • 2. To ensure accurate, prompt and high-speed offline data entry, we employ the     highest level of technology.
  • 3. With stringent security systems and highest safety levels, we ensure risk-free      offline data entry service. It is our duty to keep your data confidential and safe.
  • 4. Budget and timeline of your project are of utmost importance to our company.
  • 5. With proven records of accomplishment and successful completion of the data      entry projects, we are the reliable organization to keep your trust.
  • 6. Our experience in the field of offline data entry will make it evident in our cost      effective, efficient and well-organized works.


If you have any more queries regarding our offline data entry services, please feel free to contact us with your requirements and other details of the projects.





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