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OCR Cleanup

The increasing demand for faster data entry has accelerated the popularity of OCR or Optical Character Recognition. OCR is the mechanism through which text files in the form of raw data can be captured from image files in ASCII and Unicode formats. OCR cleanup process allows us to rectify the errors that occur during the process and it helps in increasing accuracy.


Our expertise

We offer high quality of OCR clean up services. Making the best use of the advanced technology and highly experienced professionals we cater to our worldwide customers with first class OCR clean up services. We pride ourselves on being capable of providing reliable and cost-effective OCR cleanup services. Experience quality OCR cleanup services by outsourcing your OCR clean up services to our experienced professionals. We have a proven track of providing top notch OCR services to clients throughout the world.


OCR clean up services- Advantages

OCR clean up services is essentially aimed to increase the level of accuracy of data. It helps in the following ways:

  • You may miss out some data while doing the extensive process of OCR. So, the OCR cleanup process is necessary to get back lost data with the retention of a 100 % accuracy level.
  • Misreading of the characters often leads to serious mistakes during the OCR, which affects the final product. By using OCR clean up services, such errors can be rectified
  • OCR clean up can fetch an accuracy level of more than 99%.

OCR cleanup process – What does it involve?

The OCR clean up services can help you doing the following jobs, and help you in maintaining the utmost accuracy in your data.


  • Error control - By using the process of OCR cleanup offered by us, data entry errors could be rectified right away, without investing a huge amount of time and energy.
  • Faster rendering – The OCR cleanup process help in capturing the data from any image files at a faster rate in comparison to other data capturing methods.
  • Data maintenance in electronic formats – With the help of our OCR cleanup process, you can convert all manually written documents into electronic formats.
  • Usability – Rectifying data with cleanup process, we can increase the usability of your data. It helps in converting your books, manually written items and other such journals into electronic formats.


Process we follow

1. Send us your requirements through mail or fax
2. We will go through the requirements and send you a quote
3. If it suits you, we provide you with a sample so that you can review the quality of our work.

According to your requirement, we can start the project as soon as you want.

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