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Since the manual data entry is time consuming and managing such a huge volume of data is tedious, entrepreneurs are looking for some alternative that can reduce their workload as well as save time. Here is where optical character recognition (OCR) services come in, which can reduce your load and accomplish a huge volume of task at an ease. The growing popularity of data entry in an electronic format has encouraged many entrepreneurs to outsource their jobs to the expert service providers.
Through Optical Character Recognition popularly called OCR, these machines read text from paper and convert them directly into soft copies. Soft copies are not subject to damage and can be stored, retrieved, and edited by individuals or machines. It reduces paper management costs and provides valuable information at a significantly lower cost.

Our expertise

We offer OCR services by combining image acquisition and image enhancement technologies. By gathering information from old paper files, applications, address labels, forms, resumes etc. we create the final data.
With our expertise, we can convert documents in whole or selected portions into digital files. It helps in document management system. It offer onsite document scanning for very sensitive or valuable documents.


Different Kinds of OCR

Optical Character Recognition Services is a comprehensive subject. There is wide range of Optical character recognition services we offer. Check out the list below.


  • 1. MICR                                                                               2. Research Areas
  • 3. Music OCR                                                                     4. Cursive OCR
  • 5. Typewritten OCR                                                       6.  Hand Print OCR


The OCR tools we use

Here, we use specialized scanners equipped with automatic document feeders, which allow high resolution, and faster scanning. Scanned images are then stored and converted into the file format of your preference.
Mostly, our customers prefer the delivery in PDF or TIFF formatted images at 300 dpi, but we are able to provide digital images and index information in any specified format required by the client. 

Our Quality Assurance Team

Here, we have a qualified team of quality analysts, who have profound expertise in conducting a thorough quality check processes. After the OCR mechanism is over under the direct supervision of the project manager, these are transferred to the quality assurance team, who go through the entire process for the purpose of double verification. If any mismatch is detected while verifying, our analysts bring it to the notice of the project manager handling the respective project.


Process we follow

1. To begin the process, you have to send us the requirements in your preferred     format
2. After going through it the project managers will get back to you with the     estimated quote for the project.
3. If the price suits you we provide you with a sample
4. After receiving your approval we commence working on it 

If our OCR service sounds interesting to you and you have any requirements then contact us right now.






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