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Image Processing

Image processing service is exceedingly popular nowadays. With the growing popularity of data entry in the electronic mode, these 3D anatomical models have become very popular. If you are looking for top- notch image processing services at the most affordable rates, then get in touch with us right away!

Our expertise

We are a leading provider of the image processing services, which offer high quality of 3D image processing services. We can provide you with 3D anatomical models. This will be highly beneficial for you. Here, we offer cost-effective 3D image processing services. Outsource 3D image processing services to us and get benefits from our centralized 3D lab.
For your convenience, we can provide customized protocols to meet your specific requirements.



Kinds of image processing we do for you

We offer you a wide array of image processing services. Check them out here!
Image assessment

  • 1. Filtering                             2.  2D and 3D Visualization
  • 3. Prioritization                    4. Automated feature extraction
  • 5. Change detection             6. Automated quality assessment 
  • 7. Mosaic-king


Apart from these, we also offer a comprehensive 3d image processing services required for the medical field, which include the following:

  • 1. Volumetry
  • 2. Virtual Endoscopy
  • 3. Multi Planar Reconstruction
  • 4. Maximum Intensity projections (MPR/MIP)
  • 5. Bone Densitometry
  • 6. 3D Recon for Anatomical evaluation
  • 7. CT/MR Coronary and Cardiac Angioraghies
  • 8. 3D Recon for Maxillofacial/Plastic surgery
  • 9. 3D Recon for Aortograms
  • 10. 3D rendering of fractures

Advantages of outsourcing to us

  • 1. We scan each image and optimize it so that it can reach the highest standards.
  • 2. You can save on costs and increase your profit margin.
  • 3. As your projects are being handled by efficient professionals, you do not need to      worry about the accuracy of the final product, and the best part is that you can      invest ample time and energy to your core business processes.
  • 4. You can get expert 3D services from well-trained radiologists and technologists.


Quality Control process

To have a strict control over the quality, we have employed a quality assurance team who take up the responsibility of double verification once the images have been processed. Our quality analysts have significant expertise in this field. If any mismatch is detected by them it is corrected right away.


Process we Follow

To place an order please follow the steps given below:

a) Send us your requirements through fax or email.
b) After comprehending your requirements, our project manager will get back to you to discuss the quote for the project.
c) If you like it, we will provide you with a free sample
d) After your approval, we begin to work further on the project.  

If you have any image processing requirements, then get in touch with us right now!



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