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Hand Written Data Capture

The process of data capturing is becoming exceedingly popular when you have to manage a huge volume of data. Maintaining a large volume of handwritten data is tedious and processing it is a time-consuming process. As a result, handwritten Data capture solutions and document-scanning services have come up as immediate solutions to efficiently process this data.
Handwritten data capture is a systematic mechanism where raw data is acquired from sources like paper documents, receipts and forms, microfilms and photographs, and then converted into an electronic format. The process of this handwritten data capture is also called electronic data capture (EDC).

Our expertise

We have mastered the art of converting data from physical formats to digital forms, although it is a complex process, in case the number of documents handled is large. Utilizing advanced technologies and data capture services, we are able to digitize large volumes of documents under short timelines, and that too, at the most competitive rates!


Why Us

We have a strong base of customers throughout the world and we are able to handle a huge volume of data. For your convenience we can provide customized services of diverse ranges. Before capturing data from handwritten or printed documents, data is scanned by using high-speed scanners.
During this phase, we process the data using OCR (Optical character recognition) or ICR (Intelligent character recognition) and the data is accordingly stored in the database. This can be retrieved at any time in the future.


Kinds of handwritten data capture services we offer.

The handwritten data capture services we offer includes the following

  • 1. Competitor information data capture
  • 2. Paper to image conversion
  • 3. Forms capture
  • 4. Data capture from coupons, vouchers, and receipts
  • 5. Check scanning and imaging
  • 6. Microfilms, cards, magnetic tapes and photo data capture 

Quality Assurance process

The handwritten data is captured with the help of scanners and the project managers oversee the project. After the data is captured, it is sent to our quality analysts for a final check. This allows the data to be 100% accurate. In case there is any mismatch, they bring it to the notice of the team who handled the respective project. In this way, we are able to provide you an error-free service.


Process to follow

 1) To begin the project you have to send us your requirements through fax or email.
2) Secondly, the experienced professionals here will go through it and get back to you     with the cost of the project.
3) If you agree to our quote, then we will do a sample for you free of cost.
4) After receiving your approval we will start working on the project.  

If you are looking for handwritten data capture services, then place your order right now! 







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