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Form Processing

Are you looking for automated data collection and reduction of your costs while collecting data from your customers? You can get this done easily through form processing, and it can also reduce the chances of human errors during the data collection process. Just get in touch with us to get an immediate solution to all your form processing requirements.

Forms processing is a process by which data from different fields of entry is extracted and converted into electronic formats. Data processed and transformed can be stored securely and can be accessed from multiple locations.


Our Proficiency

Form processing service offered by us allows you to store large volumes of critical data efficiently and securely. Since the form processing and the transformation in the electronic format is accomplished by experienced professionals there is the least chance of any mistakes. Our workforce is trained and experienced, which allows you to get the project done within your specified deadline. We offer the most competitive rates in the industry.


What we do for You

Using a powerful form reader tool, which can recognize and process manually entered data by using a high-speed scanner. The tool scans the data and can process around 2500 words a minute with 99% accuracy. Later, we create an automatic form input system, which help us to collect, and analyze the data. We offer both, structured and non-structured form processing services. Our workforce is comfortable with different formats of data like CGI, HTML, ASP, PHP, and JSP.


Areas of Form Processing

We have been highly appreciated by our clients worldwide. In the following areas where we provide our Form Processing services:

  • 1. Application forms                                                 2. Payroll
  • 3. Survey/Market research                                    4. Accounts, tax and legal forms
  • 5. Insurance claims                                                  6. Warranty cards
  • 7. Medical Forms


Quality Maintenance

Form processing is a delicate job and a little mistake can affect the quality of the data. For this reason, the forms are processed under the direct supervision of experienced, specialist project managers. After the forms are processed and transformed into an electronic format, the data is transferred to the quality assurance team headed by our veteran quality analysts. This double verification allows us to provide you the error free services that match the highest international standards in terms of the qualitative aspects of the process.


Security Measures

The form processing service is managed by a team of reliable professionals. Before taking up the responsibility they have to pass through the necessary security tests. All data is stored on our secure server.


Methods of placing an order

  • 1. After receiving your requirements through email or fax we analyze your      business process and suggest a form processing method.
  • 2. Later, we discuss the quote, and if you agree, we offer you a free sample
  • 3. If you like it we begin the project.







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