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Data Security

Our company is regarded as one of best data entry companies and has secure business plans, and a comprehensive data security policy with a complete back up system to make sure that our client’s data is confidentially and safely handled by us. All our security measures are taken good care of, as customer satisfaction is our primary goal.

Data security Measures

  • 1. Fast file, folders and email encryption are used to secure all the data of our      clients. It is used to encrypt confidential records, corporate information,      personal files and other data.
  • 2. We strictly follow the client’s instruction regarding the source documents. Once      the work is finished, we are careful enough to return the source file to the client      or destroy it as per specific instructions.
  • 3. Our company ensures regular backups of data. The required security measures      are also taken to ensure that. Backup data files are stored in a different location      from the place the data entry for assured security.
  • 4. Our company has certain rules and regulations regarding the access of data and      these are stringently followed. Data entry operators do not have direct access to      the client’s original source documents. To add some extra security, we use      advanced technologies and devices such as high-speed data processors and      scanners to divide the documents in batches of Image snippets or TIF images to      distribute it among different groups of operators. This bars any particular      individual from accessing the complete and original source that is sent by the      client.


Site Security

There are some very basic measures are taken to secure our site:

  • Personnel with required authorization can only access client data
  • To ensure the continuous surveillance, cameras are installed to keep vigil
  • To prevent vandalism, a team of security personnel are employed to guard our office
  • Fire extinguisher and smoke alarms are installed to ensure the protection of data
  • Electronic security doors in our office ensure limited access


Data Security

  • 1. All the data entry operators at the very onset of each project sign a non-      disclosure agreement. Regular training is carried out in order to make our staff      aware of the security and confidentiality  procedures
  • 2. Security audits and penetration tests are performed regularly to ensure safety      of data at all levels
  • 3. Concerned clients will immediately get the information if there is any reports      security breach
  • 4. Software and other required steps like installing security devices are taken that      may vary according to project requirements.

Back up and Recovery Procedure

  • 1. An approved Disaster Recovery Plan is written and implemented to protect data      in unforeseen situations like nonfunctioning of hardware or software
  • 2. Regular backup data is stored in the system
  • 3. Once your data reach us, then it will be protected by all kinds of advanced      security measures.
  • If you need any more information, Please feel free to contact us.



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