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Data Pricing

At our company, you can get quality work done at a very low cost. The reason is that the lesser operating costs compared to other data entry companies. Quality work at cheap rate is the reason behind the growing popularity of our company. Our competitive price structure can save our client’s up to 70% of total costs to perform any data entry job.

With assured quality, we offer you value for money. We take personalized service to fix the pricing of a project according to your requirements and quick turn around time. Our company offers the best prices for data entry services depending on the following:

  • 1. The clarity and details provided in specifications
  • 2. Volume of order, required accuracy
  • 3. Frequency of orders (such as monthly or weekly, or urgent with a 24 hour     deadline).
  • 4. In many cases it is charged on the basis of -
  • 5. Number of fields or row headers that we need to capture
  • 6. Number of hours of total service you require
  • 7. The work is calculated at 5 days a week & 8 hours a day= 160 hours per month
  • 8. 24/7 service is calculated at  30 days x 24 hours= 720 hours
  • 9. Sometimes (but very rarely), the price is also charged per key stroke  (usually     65 character per line with spaces)


You can also opt for our special pricing scheme that is applicable to all types of data entry services.
Before we confirm our prices or make a deal with our clients, we ensure that we send them a free sample of the completed project so that we can be sure of the project and that will help us to quote a reasonable price for the projects. For handwritten data or type written or printed data in English that is easy to understand and sort, the prices are charged on the basis of normal rates.
Guarantee is lower in the case of photocopies that are very dark or very light, or in case of illegible handwriting, as they are tough to interpret for our data entry operators. Moreover, extra effort is required for projects like these, and it slows down our performance. These projects are charged at higher rates, as they require more time and more people to complete. 

We only take the projects that are a minimum of 2 megabytes of information. Our prices are subject to change without any notice. However, once a deal is made, we abide by the terms and conditions that are in the agreement. We also work in various languages.

For detailed information, contact us with your specifications and project details  





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