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Data Entry Project Turnaround

We are one of the most popular and pioneer companies that provide data entry services with quick turn around time and perfect accuracy. We consider the client’s data as the most valuable resource, and therefore, we put in our best possible effort to meet all deadlines on time. We cater to the global customers with efficient services, and deliver the projects way ahead of their schedule. However, to meet the deadline, we do not compromise on the quality of the work.

Our commitment to deliver within the deadline

Without compromising the quality of the work, we try to serve well within the deadline of our customers as we value time. We are aware of the fact that every customer has some specific requirement for their projects; therefore, we try to serve them in accordance with their requirements.
The turn around time is different in different projects. For smaller clients, it can range from 3 hours to 48 hours, and for large projects, it can be weekly or a monthly turn-around time according to the client’s requirements. We are flexible and adjust as per the client’s needs. We provide a free sample before starting any new project.
For larger and ongoing projects, different teams are assigned to work on particular projects. The teams will be dedicated to your projects to complete your work within that deadline. You can count on us if you have any urgent requirement within a tight deadline.



Why choose us?

We are here to fulfill your requirements regarding deadline and quality. If required, we can complete a project within a deadline of 24 hours. We work with a method that does not require shifting the location of your source documents, and ensures the integrity and accuracy of data within that deadline. We use high-speed scanners to scan the documents and send the scanned documents to the team to work on them. We also use high-speed FTP servers to transfer data. These modern techniques help us to increase our turn around time for the projects.
If you have to meet certain deadline urgently, we can employ more resources to get your work done within that deadline. To protect your data, our company enforces a non-disclosure agreement and follows that strictly. We have reliable and well-trained staff to complete your work within the scheduled timeline. To make our service updated according to the latest international standards, we organize regular training sessions for our staff. This helps to get your work done within the given timeframe.

If you require high quality data entry services within strict deadline then we are here to serve you. Contact us if you want to know more about our services as we offer 24/7 customer support.





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