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Data Entry Process

With unique and efficient data entry services, our company is among the top data entry companies and is popular among many global clients to whom we are providing user-friendly support for many years. The procedures are strict yet uncomplicated. The standard of data entry accuracy is very high to offer our clients the highest level of customer satisfaction.
Our company provides highly skilled data entry professionals to meet the accuracy level required. Moreover, the employment of advanced technologies like high-speed scanners and data processors, and ICR and OCR engines, is making the task easier for our operators. Our skilled professionals are competent enough to learn the latest technologies to increase the efficiency of their work, and always remain aware of the latest market scenario regarding learning new skills or training.

The data entry process in our company begins with our client’s sending data that are needed to be entered, then accessing the files by our professionals, and finally performing the data entry job.
A few steps to perform the data entry process successfully are as follows:


Step One

You need to send the source documents in different formats such as

  • 1. Online source
  • 2. Scanned images
  • 3. Physical documents
  • 4. PDF, Word, Excel or XML documents

Step Two

To access the file the operators in our company use the following methods

  • 1. You can send us your documents through courier/mail
  • 2. We can remotely access your files through a secure VPN
  • 3. You can upload your files on our secure FTP and we will access them
  • 4. We can access your documents through a web application
  • 5. You can email or fax your documents to us

Step Three

To perform the data entry processes and delivery the final work successfully the following steps are taken:
The job is divided into batches, and every batch of document will have a covering of “Keying Specification Instruction Sheet.”
Two data entry operators enter the data in different files to generate the output, named as A & B
Both these files are electronically compared through software. If it identifies any mismatch between the files, the data entry operators rectify the mistakes. Two data entry operators perform the task to generate two output files named as C & D.
These two files C & D are again electronically compared to produce one single file E
After that, the final output E goes through a quality assurance check to ensure the perfect accuracy level is achieved.
Then the data file is delivered to the client in the format which they have opted for.

Our company is the complete partner for all your needs regarding data entry services. You can contact us anytime to clarify your queries about data entry services.



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