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Data Conversion Services

Data Conversion refers to the extraction of the valid data from a variety of sources and converting it into useful information, which facilitates intelligent decision making in your organization. Data conversion, nowadays, is gaining popularity, and service buyers are outsourcing a good amount of data conversion work to specialized service providers like us.

Our expertise

Data Conversion service is our principal area of expertise. We have a team of experienced professionals who diligently work all through in order to deliver you the project within the stipulated deadline, and that also at very competitive rates. We have the capability of converting data from any source like, printed hard copies, images or PDF files, etc.

Why Us

Our dedication and diligence stand us apart from the lot. We can help you in getting the following benefits:

  • 1. Composing Structured and composed information by converting the data       available
  • 2. We provide assistance by simplifying the complex and enormous data into       crispy and intelligent information.
  • 3. We secure your data because and take special care to protect your data from      being lost or leaked out in any way.
  • 4. By converting data, we allow improving the usability and accessibility of your      data.
  • 5. Data conversion done by us help in removing the redundant data, thereby      providing you a clean and highly useful data.
  • 6. Our data conversion services also enable you to preserve and store data securely      for future use


Kinds of Data Conversion Services We Offer

We offer a wide range of data conversion services for our clients worldwide, which are as follows:

  • 1. Document Conversion                                 2. XML conversion
  • 3. Book conversion                                            4. HTML conversion
  • 5. Catalog conversion                                      6. PDF conversion

 Our experienced professionals are capable of converting the data into the following formats. You have to specify your preferred format. Just take a look at the following formats we provide:

  • 1. Text files ( ASCII, Csv etc.)                                   4. Dbase
  • 2. Mainframe data                                                      5. Excel Worksheet
  • 3. FoxPro                                                                        6. Paradox

Quality Assurance Process

We believe in providing our customers with high quality output. As a result, all our projects are handled by a team of qualified professionals supervised by a veteran project manager. After the successful process of data conversion, all data is reviewed by our quality assurance team to check if there are any errors. In case of any inaccuracy or mismatch, they address it right away.

Process to follow

1. Send us your requirement in your preferred format
2. Reviewing your projects, we shall get back to you with the quote
3. If you agree, we provide you a sample at free of cost.
4. If we receive your approval, we begin working on it.




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