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Data Cleansing

Data cleansing involves removing incorrect, incomplete and ill-formatted data in a database. Data cleansing ensures that your databases contain all the valid and foolproof data that is updated with the records of your customers, partners, or any business related information. With the growing popularity of the data entry in the electronic format the popularity of the data cleansing has also emerged.


Our expertise

We are a leading provider of data cleansing services. Our experienced professionals allow us to reach the finest quality. Making the best use of state-of the art technology and innovative infrastructure, we can manage a great volume of work. Moreover, we are adept in delivering you the quality data within the strict deadlines without affecting the quality in any way.



Why Data Cleansing is required 

If the data is not accurate, clean, integral, correct, complete and consistent it is of no use in the business and it affect the successful running of the business. Data cleansing allows getting the valid data by removing all inconsistencies and errors.

  • 1. After identifying the inaccurate data we can produce we extract the accurate      data which has a positive impact on the decision making process of the      company.
  • 2. Data Verification and Data Validation are the primary objectives of data      cleansing that create highly accurate mailing list for marketing. This will help      cost reducing and increase Marketing ROI (return on investment)
  • 3. Accurate data achieved through data cleansing increases organizational       Efficiency and Profitability
  • 4. Saving your cost outsourcing can help you in concentrating on core business      areas.


Data cleansing Services We provide:

We provide a wide variety of data cleansing services Check them out below:

  • 1. Data Updation
  • 2. Data Verification
  • 3. Data De-Duplication (removal of duplicate records)
  • 4. Data Formatting
  • 5. Data Validation

What we do for you

Data cleansing we offer involves the following procedures.

  • 1. Checks for obsolete records or data
  • 2. Checks for incomplete records or data
  • 3. Checks for inaccurate records or data
  • 4. Checks for typos or spelling errors


The Quality Check Process That We Adopt 

Our experienced quality analysts are adept in quality checking, and review the project through double verification. In due course, the auditor audits and produces a report. If any mismatch is detected in the given report, we address it straight away. In this manner, we offer you high quality results efficiently and professionally.


  Process to be followed

  • Send us your Data Cleansing requirements through fax or mail.
  • We accept an input source like MSSQL, MySQL, Sybase or any other database. Also, data could be in MS Excel, CSV or ASCII file formats.
  • Later, we discuss the quote, and provide you with a free sample, and if you like it, we carry on with that project.

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