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Data Capture

Are you looking for a reliable services provider, which can provide you excellent web data extraction or data capture services? Then, your search ends here. Data capturing is a process of extracting data from various websites ors handwritten copy and then transforming it into a digitized format. Nowadays, these data capture services are gaining popularity at a time when one has to maintain a huge volume of data at the same time.

Our expertise

We are pioneering the field of the data capture services. Our expertise involves in providing you the best service in website data extraction, web data capture, web mining, web based data capture and a number of other similar services. Our experienced professionals utilize state-of the art technology and their talent to collect information on various subjects. The experts here are highly adept in collecting data from PDF catalogs, Meta-data, product information, HTML, images, contact information, and others. Moreover, we have also mastered the art of providing customized data extraction services of a diverse range.

We are able to capture and extract practical and useful information from huge online databases. Sorting a great volume of data, and spotting and collecting the proper information is what data capture is all about.


Our services help you help you in the following ways:

  • 1. Building digital libraries by collecting titles and content from different category     websites.
  • 2. Acquire information from databases for conducting pharmaceutical research
  • 3. Extracting product price information from various e-commerce websites and      then help in creating price comparison systems that helps client to choose the      cheapest products
  • 4. Capturing information from your competitive adversary’s databases that can      be used for inside analysis and inquiry
  • 5. Getting open information such as human talent message and the company from      various talent employment websites
  • 6. Extract addresses of potential customers from your trade websites that can be      used to build potential customer databases

Quality Checking

After the project is over, we transfer it to our quality analysts to check if there is any mismatch. If they find anything that requires quick action, they immediately bring it to the notice of the team, who is in charge of the project. We do this efficiently and thoroughly to that you get an error free service that matches the highest standards .

Process to follow

1. Send us your requirements through fax or email
2. Comprehending your requirements, we will arrange for a face to face discussion and tell you about the cost of the project.
3. If you agree, we will get you a free sample
4. After your approval, we start working on the project.

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