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Assignment Handling and Approach

Handling data entry operations as in-house process may be a viable option in some cases BUT ultimately, the work is only suited to those who are experts in that area of work. For example, when you conduct a huge time consuming Or money consuming survey regarding your product or services, a big amount of work is required from your employees along with a HUGE budget, but outsourcing the same work would ease a lot of burden off you. So, outsourcing data entry processings minimize R&D along with the marketing expenses.



Companies who have lots of stacks of records eating dust, accumulated over the years, you can  convert them into soft copies so that they don't take up office space now. It is now easy to  transcribed your records onto discs or tapes. You also might have a requirement of constant  data entry solution or a more specific Or some other seasonal project like a promotional campaign Or a customer feedback questionnaire.

For this kind of specific data entry solutions, outsourcing is the only way to go. In these kind of  situations, data entry could be directly attained from the hard copy OR from locally or regionally scanned images. The output data can be then converted to your specific needs and can then be transferred to you electronically or delivered on CD-ROM or on magnetic tapes.


Now a days, lots of companies require data processing operations and keeping those operations in-house, needs a huge amount to spend on skilled manpower along with an adequate infrastructure to accommodate your staff. Although the need of data entry outsourcing have been existed for a long time but it has just become popular for a couple of years now and is increasing at a high pace.

So, outsourcing your data entry requirements to us NOT ONLY take away administrative and management burdens from you BUT also is a cost effective solution for your data entry requirements.

 These days, a lots of offshore companies from countries like China Or India have the expertise and experience to do data entry processing as per the custom built requirements of their clients including us. We are capable of providing a almost all sort of data entry operations such as data extraction from formats like (hand) written documents Or some scanned image Or typed copy, e-zine publications & e-books Or telecom Or medical billing, rejected re-entry, data scanning for accuracy and personal review, records and database maintenance, offline/online data entry, software development,ata Entry Services, Data Processing Services, Data Outsourcing, BPO Services,Data Entry Services etc. at a cheaper price BUT without compromising with the quality in an efficient manner.

Our greater service and product level improvements are the result of regular evaluation of new software and process improvements. By Outsourcing to us, you will enjoy lower costs, increased efficiency and access to skilled workforce resulting in, you can NOW focus on your core business model and we will take care of your backend data processing requirements.

General Work Process

  • Step1. Response to customer query via fax/email
  • Step2. Telephonic conversations with client to understand their specific        requirements.
  • Step3. Sample work collection
  • Step4. Return the sample work collected via email or CD.
  • Step5. Price finalization
  • Step6. Main project started after approval from client of work quality.