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Insurance Claim Entry

Outsourcing your Insurance claim entry requirements has become very popular these days. Insurance claim entry refers to the processing of a customer’s claim in an electronic format so that their legitimate claims can be sorted out quickly without any complications. It ensures the least chance of data loss and provides the highest retention of accuracy.
For us, customer satisfaction is the primary goal. Many insurance firms are relying on specialized service providers like us for outsourcing their insurance claim entry requirements. Insurance claim entry in an electronic format allows companies to respond quickly to their customers’ needs like policy changes, submit applications, claiming benefits, etc. These are entered into the database of the insurance company. As a result, processing is made easy and they can get reimbursements easily. Data maintained in an electronic format ensures the highest level of accuracy, and as a result, processing can be done easily, saving you a lot of time and money.

Our expertise

Being a premier organization in this field, we are able to offer you quality services that conform to the highest international standards. Intellectual capital, coupled with state-of-the-art technology, allows us to provide you top quality services. The extensive procedure of insurance claim entry, form processing, as well as payment procedures, are all done by our experienced professionals adept in data entry. Moreover, we focus on providing these services within the stipulated time, and that too, at highly competitive rates.



Advantages of outsourcing from us

· Outsourcing your insurance claims data entry work to us, you can leverage our    state-of-the-art equipment including the newest computers, printers, and scanners.

· A team of experienced professionals headed by a veteran project manager handles all    the projects. By outsourcing your data entry job to us, you can get access to its    managerial talent.

· We offer you the utmost flexibility. You can send us the input files in a number of    ways – by uploading them on our secure FTP server, through an email, or optical    media. At the time of delivery, we can send you the final files according to your    preference as required.


Commitment to Quality maintenance

We focus on understanding your end-to-end business, as total understanding allows us to deliver you better quality. Considering your requirements, we try to get customized solutions for you. After the successful transformation of the insurance claims in an electronic format, quality analysts observe all the details to check out if there is any deviation from the norm. If any corrections are required, they are made right away.


Process to be followed in placing your order with us

  • 1. Send us your requirements through mail or fax or through FTP server
  • 2.Considering your requirements we tell you about the estimated cost for the     project.
  • 3. If you agree with the cost we send you a sample that allows you to understand     the quality of our services.
  • 4. If you like it, we carry on with the project and deliver you the project in your     preferred mode of delivery format.
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