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Image Entry

The conversion of the scanned image to a particular electronic format is known as image entry. Scanned image in a hard copy or printed format is subject to damage, due to which online image entry has become so popular.
If you are looking for quality and cost effective image data entry services, your search ends here. We are one of the leading providers of image data entry services in India. Image data entry service is a comprehensive subject and the entire process involves image capturing, image storage, image keying, and finally, image retrieval.
Your scanned images are transformed into an electronic format, which will make the image highly flexible. In an electronic image, you will be able to define zones within a larger image and display multiple zones simultaneously. In an electronic image, you can also set resolution on individual zones within an image. Data entry operators can also zoom and pan an image on the screen. Image entry services done by us also allow you to display a zone from a file than the selected part of the image.

Area of expertise

Supported by a team of trained and highly experienced professionals, we are able to administer a huge volume of image data and deliver it ahead of your schedule without compromising on quality. Experience hassle free image entry services by outsourcing your image entry jobs to us.
We use advanced scanning technology to provide you with top-notch service. All our equipment and image entry tools follow the latest industry standards. Moreover, we use specific imaging software to do the online image entry, which allows us to offer you error free image entry services.


Different kinds of image entry services that we offer:

Here, you will get a high quality image entry services. Check out the services below:

·       Book entry- Outsource your high quality book entry services to us. We can manage a wide range of book entry service for yellow pages, e-books, magazines, e-novels etc. We provide you with quality book entry services, including the transformation of the images and photographs in the hard copy or the printed copy.

·       Handwritten card entry- Raw data in the form of the images are accepted from the client and we transform them in electronic images and deliver it to the client in their preferred format.

·       Legal document Entry: The legal document is accepted in the form of an image and finally transformed into the electronic image format.


Quality checking process

We do not compromise with the quality of our work; therefore, we have employed a team of Quality Analysts, who provide a quality check for all the data that we process. After the initial process of the image entry is over, our quality analysts look for any mistakes made while transforming the image files into an electronic format. In case of any mismatch, it is resolved by our Quality control team right away.


Security measures

We keep a stern watch to maintain the confidentiality of your data. The entire image entry procedure is carried out by a team of selected professionals who are reliable and follow our stringent security measures, preventing data loss and securing your data.


How to place your order

  • 1. Send us the detail of the project through email or fax
  • 2. Our professionals will go through the details and tell you about the estimated      quotes.
  • 3. If you agree we will provide you a sample.
  • 4. If you like our sample we will carry forward with the project.


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