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Book  Conversion

With the growing popularity of data entry, the digitization of data is gaining soaring popularity. This is because digitization offers benefits of lesser storage space, increased protection during natural disasters, and concurrent usage. As a result, book conversion services have become highly popular these days.


Our expertise

We are a leading provider of book conversion services. Over the years, we have been providing top-notch book conversion services to leading universities, colleges, libraries and book publishers and to many other service buyers. With ours unparalleled expertise, we can convert both hard and soft copy documents into varied digitized formats.

Kinds of books Conversion services

We offer a wide range of book conversion services. Our professionals can convert your printed materials into

  • 1. E books
  • 2. E-brochure
  • 3. E-journals
  • 4. E-research papers


Quality Assurance

Providing high quality of service is our key concern. As a result, we have employed a team of highly talented and experienced project manages and quality analysts. The entire conversion is done under the supervision of the project manager, which lowers the chance of any error. Later the quality analysts review the project once it is complete. This double verification allows us to locate any mismatch or error. If any error is seen, the quality analysts bring it to the notice of the team who handled the project, and it is corrected right away.

Our Security measures

We employ strict security measures to prevent any chance of data loss or leakage. We implement system security so that no data can be copied from our system. In this way we maintain the confidentiality of your data on our secure servers.


What makes us different?

Here, at our firm you can discover a perfect blend of sophisticated book conversion process and an experienced workforce. Our specialists are highly trained, can work on any book conversion projects and are adept in handling different formatting styles. At the same time, they are well equipped to handle different electronic formats like PDF and HTML.
Before, starting work on your project further, we analyze your business process and requirements. According to this, our project managers will arrange a meeting with you where they will ask you about your best suited formatting parameters like paragraphs, indentations, margins, headings, quotes, page numbers, footnotes/endnotes and citations.
After this, we will do a test run and provide you a prognostic sample which allows you to review the standard and quality of our work. If you like the sample and you approve the suggested parameters, we implement these in your conversion assignment.
Feel free to contact us for any kind of book conversion requirements. We shall get back to you within 48 hours after receiving your mail.



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